Commercial Real Estate

Attorneys who practice in this area assist landowners and leaseholders in answering questions about their obligations, liabilities, and legal remedies in the management of their properties. These questions may come from commercial developers who lease space to retail establishments or to other businesses (including large manufacturing facilities), from a corporation that manages an apartment complex, or from an individual who rents a house.

To protect the client's property interests, our attorneys negotiate and prepare leases and occupancy agreements, including—

  • Post-closing residential occupancy agreements.
  • Commercial and industrial leases.
  • Ground leases.
  • Cellular telecommunication leases.
  • Co-location agreements.
  • Subleases.

Our attorneys advise landlords and property owners of residential rental properties about their obligations and rights under the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.  When a tenant fails to pay rent or otherwise breaches a residential lease agreement, our attorneys advise the landlord about methods for evicting the tenant, enforcing the lease agreement, collecting unpaid rents and fees, and obtaining a landlord's lien on the tenant's personal property. 

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