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Construction Disputes

Lanier Ford represents clients involved in construction litigation—including real property owners; residential, commercial, and industrial contractors; engineers; real estate developers; construction managers; lenders; subcontractors; vendors; architects; and construction-bond principals and sureties.

Among other issues, Lanier Ford attorneys represent clients involved in—

  • Breaches of construction contracts.
  • Enforcement of performance bonds.
  • Actions under the Miller Act (applicable to federal projects).
  • Actions under the so-called Little Miller Act (applicable to Alabama public projects).
  • Claims under the Alabama Prompt Pay Act.
  • Preparation, filing, and enforcement of mechanics’ and materialmens’ liens.

Our attorneys represent clients involved in such issues as defective workmanship and materials, breach of express or implied warranties, deficient plans and specifications, site conditions, scope-of-work disputes, change orders, delays, indemnification, insurance coverage, liquidated damages, termination, and foundation problems.

Although many of these cases are tried by judges or juries in our state and federal courts, there is a growing trend for construction disputes to be resolved by arbitration, mediation, or other types of alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys advocate our clients’ positions in these alternative forums.

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