Attorneys practicing in this area:

Workers' Compensation

Attorneys practicing in this area assist client employers in complying with the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act by explaining the various statutory and regulatory requirements that employers must follow, including calculation of medical and vocational-rehabilitation benefits. Our attorneys also assist employers in determining the applicability of the Workers’ Compensation Act, which can be affected by such factors as—

  • Disclosure of pre-existing injuries.
  • Willful misconduct.
  • Intentional self-injury.
  • Intoxication and drug use.
  • Willful failure or refusal to use safety appliances.
  • Willful breach of employer rules.
  • Off-duty injuries.
  • Acts of co-employees.
  • Acts of God.

Our attorneys represent employers in cases involving fraudulent and exaggerated claims, physical injuries, occupational diseases, mental conditions, and claims of retaliatory discharge.

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