Starting Businesses

Although every company needs legal representation it can rely upon, competent legal advice is especially important for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. At this critical early stage, companies need advice across a wide spectrum of relevant issues, including—

  • Choice of business entity (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company).
  • Tax withholding requirements.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance and taxes.
  • Unemployment compensation taxes.
  • Sales and use taxes.
  • Business licenses and permits.
  • Securing financing (potentially through private offerings of securities).
  • Support from venture capitalists.
  • Employment and labor law.
  • Registration of trademarks and service marks for protection of good will.
  • Identification of and patent protection for important innovations.
  • Licensing agreements for strategic partnerships and revenue generation.
  • Business and liability insurance issues.
  • Real estate issues, especially buying or leasing a business site.
  • Contracts and other agreements.

Lanier Ford provides counseling on all of these issues and can develop a creative and innovative approach to maximize your company's value.

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