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For clients desiring to franchise a business, Lanier Ford attorneys assist by preparing the franchise disclosure documents required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), by drafting franchise agreements with potential franchisees, and by helping meet state registration requirements.

For clients desiring to purchase a franchise, our attorneys review the franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreements from the franchisor and advise about the potential issues that may arise from such agreements.

Dealerships and Distributorships

Our attorneys assist in negotiating and drafting dealership agreements, which allow a client to sell the products and services of another. Lanier Ford attorneys can help clients choose and structure the most advantageous method of distributing goods and services to the consumer or end user.

Franchisees, dealers, and distributors are often compensated at various levels, depending on the total volume of sales. Our attorneys draft such compensation schedules for both exclusive and non-exclusive arrangements.

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