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Computer & Internet Law

Computer Law

Computer law covers the acquisition, license, development, and use of software, computers, and related hardware as well as other forms of technology. Computer-law counseling can protect buyers and sellers when entering into purchasing or leasing agreements as well as specifying the rights and obligations of the parties when entering into development or licensing agreements. In the area of computer law, Lanier Ford can assist in—

  • The clarification of contractual rights and obligations.
  • Preparation of development and licensing agreements.
  • Protection of ownership rights in high technology.
  • Drafting of purchasing, leasing, and service agreements.
  • Development of requests for proposals (RFPs), requests for quotations (RFQs), and statements of work.

Internet Law

With the ever-increasing pace of change occurring every day in the arena of Internet law, it pays to have someone who can keep you informed on the changing landscape. The intellectual property attorneys at Lanier Ford counsel their clients on the novel issues they confront every day: questions involving user privacy, intellectual property protection, First Amendment rights, and network abuse. Our attorneys closely monitor developments in Washington, D.C., through the many Internet policy-making organizations. We can provide advice on such varied topics as jurisdiction in cyberspace, junk e-mail, unfair competition, and Internet domain-name registration.


Lanier Ford helps companies in all industries face the legal challenges of electronic commerce. We recognize that the issues and risks of electronic methods of business affect all types of businesses and cross all legal disciplines. Lanier Ford attorneys assist clients with issues relating to electronic transactions, security, electronic regulatory compliance issues, e-tax issues, domain-name issues, copyright, patent, and intellectual property issues, information-technology issues, online advertising, Internet-in-the-workplace issues, and cross-border e-commerce issues.

Lanier Ford is uniquely qualified to handle the most sophisticated e-commerce transactions. Our attorneys draft and negotiate such “cyberspace” agreements as the following:

  • Web-site development agreements.
  • Content and domain-name licenses.
  • Linking, framing, and privacy policies.
  • Technology transfer agreements.
  • Shrink-wrap and click-wrap licenses.

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