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Shareholder Rights

Lanier Ford’s attorneys regularly advise and represent shareholders (minority and majority), officers, directors, and corporations in shareholder disputes, regardless of whether they are plaintiffs or defendants.

Our attorneys are experienced with cases involving oppression of minority shareholders, including squeeze-outs, freeze-outs, exercise of inspection rights of corporate books and records, hostile takeovers, and shareholder derivative actions.

Lanier Ford attorneys also advise investors and venture capitalists about investment structures and exit strategies. Our attorneys regularly advise clients about the following types of documents or provisions in documents, among others:

  • Articles of incorporation.
  • Certificates of incorporation.
  • Shareholder or stockholder agreements.
  • Bylaws.
  • Buy-out and buy-sell agreements.
  • Investor rights agreements.
  • Registration rights agreements.
  • Dispute resolution provisions (including arbitration agreements).

Similarly, in the area of limited liability companies, Lanier Ford attorneys also advise and represent clients who are members or managers of limited liability companies when they have these similar disputes in the operation and management of LLCs.

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