Attorneys practicing in this area:

Tax Incentives for Community Economic Development

Attorneys who practice in this area assist corporations and other business entities in obtaining various state and local financial incentives available for new industries and industrial expansions in Alabama. Among other things, these incentives may involve state grants, capital credits, and abatement of property, sales, and use taxes.

Attorneys assist with the preparation of documents and applications required to receive the incentives, as well as working with—

  • The Alabama Department of Revenue.
  • The Industrial Development and Training (AIDT) Institute of the Alabama Department of Education.
  • Industrial development boards.
  • County tax assessors.
  • County commissions.
  • Local sales tax collection offices.
  • City councils.
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority.

Some of the industries currently targeted under state law are the following:

  • Manufacturing.
  • Warehousing.
  • Space research and technology.
  • Scientific research and development services.
  • Computer design and data processing.
  • Pipelines.
  • Testing laboratories.
  • Recycling facilities.
  • Alternative and renewable energy sources.

Eligibility for participation may be subject to the business locating within an enterprise zone and meeting requirements for employment, minimum investment, and base wages.

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