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Entertainment Law

Lanier Ford’s attorneys have experience with issues arising in the entertainment industries: film, television, radio, music, sports, book publishing, theater, and performance and fine arts.

In all entertainment fields, value for the artist, author, producer, or publisher rests in protection of the creative expression—namely, the music, the manuscript, the film, and even the personality of the artist. We help safeguard your artistic endeavors through securing copyrights, trademarks, and publicity rights through thorough contract preparation and negotiation. If the need arises, our team will help enforce your rights in court.

In addition, our lawyers counsel clients in a wide variety of other issues that can arise in the entertainment industry, including agency, talent management, employment matters, and general business and tax concerns.

No matter what role you play—whether on the stage, on the screen, on the playing field, in the studio, or behind the camera—Lanier Ford can help with the daunting legal questions you face.

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