David Canupp appointed to committee of Defense Lawyers Association

David Canupp has been selected to be a member of the Amicus Curiae Committee of the Alabama Defense Lawyers Association (ADLA). The committee selects the cases in which ADLA will submit amicus curiae briefs, also known as “friend of the court” briefs. Non-parties file such briefs, and a court doesn’t have to accept them. A court typically welcomes amicus curiae briefs when it wants to receive additional insights or information about an issue.

ADLA files amicus curiae briefs sparingly and only in appropriate cases. Some factors considered in deciding to file such a brief include whether the brief is likely to significantly contribute to the determination of the legal question at issue and whether the case involves an issue of interest to civil defense attorneys.

ADLA facilities civil defense lawyers working collectively and sharing resources to elevate the skills of defense lawyers, to promote high ethical standards and professionalism, and to improve the administration of justice.

ADLA’s goal is to create an environment for civil defense lawyers that facilitates working collectively and sharing resources. This association is open to those who spend most of their professional time handling civil defense cases. Members generally don’t handle criminal cases.

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Published July 21, 2021 Posted in News About the Firm
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